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Too Faced chocolate Bar Palette tutorial

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NEW REVIEW &DEMO!! Voluminous Miss Manga L'oreal Mascara

L'oreal has done it again in less than 3 months I am once more impressed ! I honestly had low expectations towards Drugstore mascaras since in 2013 I had tried over 10 different types and Brands in an attempt to find a better performing mascara that would'nt have the over $$20 price tag :/ but they were all a complete fail! This year 2014 has been my lucky year now I have 3 favorite Drugstore mascaras! :)

The New L'oreal Miss Manga Voluminous Mascara has an adorably eye catching package  that just screams buy me ! The Miss Manga mascara claims to be volumizing , clump free, flake free and has a very interesting bendable wand which L'oreal describes as the 360 flexor brush that helps reach those small hard to reach lashes at the base of our lashline and helps provide an even application! Also claims to deliver 15x (times) lash volume in a flash and that it is suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lense wearers! :)

I have very short , thin and light colored lashes . So today I once more purchased a Drugstore mascara at my locaRite Aid and I must admit I thought to myself cute packaging / eye catching? must be a fail! But I was wrong! I got home and filmed a quick review and Demo on the mascara and was amazed at the results I got length , volume and its clump free you must see it for your self ! :)

GET READY WITH ME! HOW TO Kylie Jenner Lips!